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Amazing results at the National Arena League this year for Braintree & Bocking Swimming club, finishing 4th overall at the finals!




Well done to Chloe Phillips and Lee Peterson for representing BBSC at Masters Intercounties in which the Essex county came 1st with 256 points!!!



Swim England County Talent Programme 2018


Congratulations to the swimmers on being selected as a member of the Swim England County Training Programme 2018


If you are interested in joining BBSC then please contact head coach Erica Johnson @ headcoach@braintreeswimming.org.uk for further information.


A huge congratulations to the first swimmers of this season to be awarded the 'Most Improved Swimmers' awards, you really deserve it! WELL DONE!!!


Photo: Left to right - Sophie Ball , Maggie Lock, Lula Rose , Harry Rose , Josh Parker and Robert Elliston. A seperate phoho for Hollie Heighs as she couldnt make the timings for the main photo. 



Young swimmers shine for Braintree at Dave Warriner Open Meet

After a successful start for the Braintree Swimming club this season, they quickly found another open meet and headed out again… this time taking some of the younger swimmers, as young as 7yrs!  

The team entered the Dave Warriner open meet at Basildon on the 16th September and it seems the clubs success just keeps coming with two of the clubs first time competitors Josh Parker 8yrs and Vincent Coombes just 7yrs both winning gold medals in their age groups in the novice 50m freestyle! And to think that both boys started the event worrying about falling in or their goggles filling up, they both went and smashed the rest of the competition out of the pool! 

Other gold medals came from Sophie Clerkin for the 50m fly with a 2s PB and then swimming an amazing 50m Free in under 32s! Sophia Milson swam a very powerful 50m Fly in sub 35s. Nancy Neave took the 50m back, Thomas Underdown claimed the 50m breast, Rosie Henn also took the 50m breast with a 2s PB and Charlotte Hooks won her  50m breast. 

Silver medals then came from Jamie Hartnup in the 50m & 200m freestyle events.  Nancy Neave in the 200 Free, Hollie Heighes and Sophie Clerkin in the 50m breast. Mia Macklin in the 50m Free, Ellie C in the 50m Fly and Callum Digby smashing a 4s PB in the 50m Fly. 

Bronze medals also went to Calum Digby, Mia Macklin and Sophie Clerkin for the 200m Free and Ellie C & Morgan Foster in the 50m Free. Thomas Underdown 50m back, Robert Elliston & Nancy Neeve in the 50m breast with Sophia Milson getting a sub 40 s in her 50m Breast.

Also not to be missed for a full day of PBs is Oliver Preece, who has been back swimming for just 4 months after being out for 2 years!

Braintree and Bocking youngsters fly out of the blocks

Season starter report – 2nd Sep 2017


It’s the start of the swimming season and The Braintree & Bocking Swimming club (BBSC) come off the block like Sharks!

The season started for BBSC with the ‘The Halstead 5th season Sprint Starter open meet on the 2nd September 2017 and even though the swimmers seemed to start the day with the new season nerves, there was no need…BBSC came home with 37 golds, 29 silvers, 20 bronze’s and 43 4th-6th places!


 Amazing day for the BBSC swimmers and just too many to individually name but we can safety say it was a successful swimming day for our BBSC Sharks! 
Braintree also had some first time competitors representing them with Rhys Sercombe, 9yrs achieving a bronze in the 50m breastroke and 7th in the 50m freestyle and Isabelle raven, 9yrs coming  8th in 50m backstroke and 10th 50m freestyle. 


Hollie Heighes, 9yrs also competing with Braintree for the first  time winning golds in 200m freestyle, 100m Individual Medley, 50m breaststroke and bronze in 50m Freestyle.


Braintree also had two swimmers who achieved a county time for the first time, Max Headley and Isabelle Talbot, both in the 50m Backstroke.
Best swims of the day must go to Rosie Henn, 11yrs , for her 200m Individual Medley with a mighty  20 second PB  with her last PB only 3 months ago and Sophie Clerkin, 11yrs for her 50m breaststroke,  knocking 4 seconds off  which is huge for a 50m swim! 
Well done girls!


But the day was not finished there with 5 of our swimmers winning the top girls / boys for their age groups, showing just how well they swam that day!  For swimming their shark hearts out for every event went to: 
Harmonie Fry Oliff 10yrs, Calum Digby 10yrs, Nancy Neeve 12 yrs, Hayden Miller 11Yrs and James Wicks 14yrs. 
Head Coach Erica Johnson also had a little fan club for the day with Finley Newton & Finley Petts following her around all day just for her stop watch!  And Harmonie Fry-Oliff ends the day with the funniest quote yet: Harmonie to Erica: “You making me do no breathing does actually work!” Erica to Harmonie: “I don’t just make you do it for fun you know!”

Charles Rennie takes Braintree to the Swim England Summer Nationals

Our very own Braintree boy Charles Rennie, age 16, made us very proud at the Swim England Nationals this summer.

Charles who trains with Braintree & Bocking Swimming Club (BBSC) qualified for the National 50m breastroke event this summer with an amazing time of 32.41. 
An interview with Charles just showed how he couldn’t believe he had made the list!

 “The whole experience of Nationals was a surreal, but brilliant experience. I had always hoped that one day I would achieve a national qualification but it always seemed to be just out of reach. I was shocked and ecstatic when I knew I'd managed to get in. The email arrived at the end of half term and I couldn’t believe that I had made it at last”


The big day came along which was held in Sheffield on the 5th August 2017 and Charles was ready to go, Charles said:

“We arrived in Sheffield the day before my race. Met with Erica and walked through the city to join the afternoon warm down session. I was able to find my way around and get used to the pool. 
On the day itself, it was terrific, the atmosphere was absolutely incredible and walking poolside was far less nervy than I thought. I felt confident and prepared to give the race my absolute best”
Charles then went and DID swim his absolute best by hitting  a new time of 32.23 just missing out on the finals by 0.01 of a second, but that didn’t bother Charles, the whole experience left him ecstatic!
“After the swim I was so glad I'd PB'ed!! I walked back up to Erica with a beaming smile and it hardly stopped until we were home! Despite missing out on the final by 0.01 it was an absolutely terrific experience and I can't wait to get there again next year!”


With so many swimmers from BBSC glued to the live streaming on the day, he had more support than he actually knew, but I am sure the Braintree Neighbourhood heard the support from his fellow swimmers screaming ‘GO Charles’ at their computers at home!  It was an exciting day for all at the club.
Head coach Erica Johnson says:

“Charles is a role model for other swimmers in the club, with many of them looking up to him, he has shown them all that hard work and perseverance has paid off and if you work hard enough, it’s all possible”

Charles is a big part of the Braintree club who not only trains and competes with the club but he also coaches the younger swimmers. 
Erica says “Charles is a great kid to coach and we are very proud of him, I cannot wait to see what the future holds for him in the swimming world”


News report also published in the Braintree & Witham Times 21st September 2017




Calum Digby - for enjoying and thriving in the pool

Ellie - for her continued improvement and positive outlook

Jake Bunting- has worked hard to improve in his lane and it's now starting to pay off

Well done to all swimmers, keep working hard.
Erica and the coaching team


Long Standing Club Records Smashed at BBSC

Braintree and bocking swimming club has a long history and came into existence in 1902, some 115 years later it is going from strength to strength.  During the period between February 2017 and May 2017, various young members of the club have recently claimed some long standing Club records


For Girls aged 11/12 yrs Nancy Neave is now the club record holder for  50M Freestyle  with a 29.00 second swim achieved at M11 league first round previously held by H Goodwin at 29.39 set in 1989 and 50M Butterfly with a time of 31.74 seconds smashing previous club record of 32.01 held by A Liao since 2002

Mia Macklin is now proud record holder for 8 years and under age group for no less than 6 catagories, including 800, 400, 200, 100, 50 and 25M Freestyle, 100M freestyle was previously held by S.Williams since 1988 in a time of 1.23.77 this was smashed by Mia with a swim of 1.21.80, 200M freestyle and 25M Freestyle had stood and been held by Nina Wiseman since 2002, 400M record last broken in  1995 and the 800M in 2008.


Ben Cox aged 17 years  took over 25M open butterfly record  in 12.58 seconds from S.Wager's 12.63 s held since 1993
Sam Rennie took boys 11/12yrs 25 M breaststroke in 17.25 seconds held by M. Stretch since 1993
Daniel Parker is proud owner of boys 9/10 yrs Freestyle with 14.74 seconds, breaking 14.80 s  previously held by L Durban since 2007.


 Braintree and Bocking swimming club is open to all age groups, boys and girls, and is open to new members, for details of forth coming swim trials please contact Head Coach, Erica Johnson onheadcoach@braintreeswimming.org.uk



Braintree & Bocking Swimming Club are holding trials for new swimmers . Please forward onto friends and family, swimmers siblings also welcome - minimum age 6 years.


If you are interested in trialing, please contact Head Coach, Erica Johnson @ headcoach@braintreeswimming.org.uk


We look forward to seeing you there on Saturday!

Braintree & Witham Times Report on...Charles Returns with best ever regional results

Most Improved Senior Swimmers Award May 2017

Normally these awards only go out to Juniors but it has been felt that some of the seniors also deserved this award, SO A BIG WELL DONE TO:


Frankie Selwood and Grace Connelly - Well done on your tremendous efforts in training and I hope they pay off soon


Also to Dan lambert for a completely different attitude towards training , I hope it carries on.

Well done!


Head Coach, Erica Johnson

Most Improved Junior Swimmers Award May 2017

Even though we are at witham that does not mean that our juniors have not been working hard if anything they are working harder . It was very difficult as so many are doing so well but here they are .....

the girls are:


Kathryn Edwards 
Amelia wood




James c 
Hayden Kern




Most Improved Junior Swimmers Award February 2017

Congratulations to the following swimmers who have been chosen and awarded THE MOST IMPROVED SWIMMER by Head Coach Erica Johnson:

Izzy Raven, Rohan Gibson, Nat Coburn and Jack Raven

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