As our swimmers recover from the 1st weekend of the competition I would like to share with you all just how well our BBSC team got on in this very very tough event, along with some super photos of some very proud swimmers!


Head coach Erica Johnson said "Absolutely amazed with all of your swims to each and every competitor, Well done to the relay teams today,  Thankyou so much for giving up your time"


Full results to follow but keeping track of our finalist on the weekend of counties please read below:


Sat 20th Jan 2018 ... counties day 1:


Morgan Foster who took 5th place in the 400 free 

Sophie Clerkin also taking 5th in the 100 breastroke and achieving a regional qualifying time! Well done Sophie!

Daniel Parker claiming a 4th place in the 100 free

Morgan is on a role taking a 7th place in the 100 free and Charles Rennie taking the 4th place in the 100 free.




Our relay teams also taking on a tough fight, swimming everything they had and proudly bringing home 5th places for both our girls and boys A teams.


Girls A team: Harmonie Fry Oliff, Marcie Ailey, Faith Kern and Sophie Clerkin


Boys A team: Daniel Parker, Colin Okusaga, Jamie Hartnup, Robert Elliston



Sun 21st Jan 2018 ....counties day 2:


Finalists of the day;

Charlie Boden taking Braintree up onto the very top of that podium cliaming  an amazing GOLD MEDAL in the 200 backstroke, on a role Charlie also took the silver in the 200IM and silver in the 200 butterfly! WELL DONE CHARLIE! AMAZING!

Charles Rennie coming 8th in 200IM, Morgan Foster 7th in 200IM, Lee Peterson also claiming 8th in his 200IM race and Sophie Clerkin taking 4th in her 200 IM.

Sophie Clerkin also proudly jumping onto that podiun winning sliver in her 200 free with Harmoine Fry Oliff taking 8th place in the 200 free 

In the breastroke races Lee Peterson and Samuel Rennie keeping that podium busy with BBSC swimmers both taking Silver medals.

 Charles Rennie taking 4th, Thomas Underdown 7th and Morgan Foster 8th.


A huge success for our 1st weekend ... bring on London!


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