Braintree and Bocking Swimming club (BBSC) show their presence this year at the 2017 Essex County Championships with so many of their Swimmers qualifying this year, which  is an amazing achievement for BBSC but the success just continued throughout the long enduring weekends of competitions for the swimmers.


The first weekend of the Essex Counties started at the Basildon Sporting Village, with the top 8 fastest swimmers in the county placing.  With the normal nerves and excitement of the big event, BBSC was soon to be celebrating with the following results: Darcy Coburn started the competition for BBSC swimming the 800m Freestyle with an amazing 25 second PB. Then the boys swam the 400 Freestyle with Daniel Parker winning a silver medal and Hayden Miller coming in 8th place.


BBSC also did well in the 100m events with the following swimmers making the finals in their age groups with Daniel Parker finishing 3rd and  Charles Rennie  4th in the freestyle finals. Grace Lambert 8th, Daniel Parker 4th, Hayden Miller 7th, Samuel Rennie 7th in the 100m Backstroke finals. Charles Rennie 4th, Lee Peterson 5th and Marcie Aley taking 3rd  with a massive PB in the 100m Breaststroke finals. Daniel Parker also finished an amazing 2nd place in the 100m Butterfly final.


In the 200m events Daniel Parker came 3rd, Hayden Miller 8th, Samuel Rennie 9th in the backstroke. Samuel Rennie 2nd and Grace Lambert 8th in the breastroke. A good weekend for Grace also taking 6th in the freestyle. Sophie Clerkin 2nd, Charles Rennie 7th and Lee Peterson 8th in the 200 Induvial Medley.


The 2017 Essex Counties continued with a very long weekend held at the London Aquatic Centre and Braintree & Bocking kept on medalling.

The youngest swimmers started the event with the 9/10yrs 200m relay team taking 4th place for the girls (Harmonie Fry-Oliff, Mia Macklin, Sophie Ball & Sophie O'Rorke) and 3rd place for the boys (Colin Okusaga, Finley Petts, Thomas Underdown and max Headley).


The BBSC 200m Freestyle teams also claimed silver medals in both the girls (Harmonie Fry-Oliff, Mia Macklin, Sophie Ball & Sophie O'Rorke) and boys (Colin Okusaga, Finley Petts, Thomas Underdown and max Headley) relay teams.


The 50m events showed just as much success for Braintree with the following results in their own age groups with Sophie Clerkin 2nd, Nancy Neave 9th, Charles Rennie 6th, Daniel Parker 5th, and Morgan Foster 9th in the 50 Freestyle finals. Sophie Clerkin 9th, Nancy Neave 9th, Daniel Parker 8th, Hayden Miller 9th and Charles Rennie 5th in the 50 Backstroke finals. Marcie Aley 5th, Nancy Neave 10th, Samuel Rennie 3rd, Charles Rennie 2nd and Lee Peterson 5th in the 50 breastroke finals. Daniel Parker 7th, Morgan Foster 9th and Nancy Neave 6th in the 50 butterfly finals.


The final event of the weekend ended with Edmund Beaton swimming an amazing time and coming 5th in the 1500m Freestyle event.


Back at the Basildon Sporting Village for the final weekend of the 2017 Essex county championships and the Braintree swimmers finish on a high, making their club very proud. The 100m final medallist came from Grace Lambert 8th and Samuel Rennie 3rd for breastroke, Sophie Clerkin 5th, Nancy Neave 7th   and Grace Lambert 8th for freestyle.  Charles Rennie 4th, Marcie Aley 7th and Harmonie Fry-Oliff 6th for backstroke.


The 200m event winners came from Grace Lambert 4th , Harmonie Fry-Oliff 7th and Marcie Aley 8th  for Backstroke. Morgan Foster 6th for butterfly.  Daniel Parker 5th in the 200 Individual Medley and Marcie Aley with an amazing PB taking 3rd for breastroke


The event finished with the 11/12 yrs relay teams with Braintree taking 6th place in the mens (Hayden Miller, Daniel Parker , Harry Edwards and Bart Tozer) 200m medley team event and 7th place in the girls (Ellie C , Lily Bott, Sophie Clerkin, Darcy Coburn) 200m freestyle team.


There was so many great swims, reserve finalists & PB’s from the Braintree swimmers but we cannot mention them all, but the club would like to say a HUGE WELL DONE TO ALL our county swimmers who swam this year …No matter where you came, you are all county qualifiers and deserved to be there and you should be very proud of yourselves.

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