Whilst I am the Web editor for BBSC, I am also a very proud parent and supporter for our swimmers. This means that a very high percentage of my time is spent sweating within the seating area of a pool most of my life!  I am of course in the hope that one day it might help me lose some weight whilst dehydrating and getting a dead bottom from the amazingly comfy seats! 


And after competitions I often find myself without a voice or like I have swallowed a frog due to the amount of screaming coming out of my mouth in the lines of....
WOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! And so on!


That said, I wouldn’t have it any other way, so I thought I would start a blog which I hope you all enjoy reading. Enjoy!


2nd September 2017


My 1st blog of the season has to be to shout about BBSC’s 1st open meet of the season ‘The Halstead Sprint Season Starter’ which was a great success and seem to get all of our swimmers into the stroke of things!


At the start of the day there seemed to be a lot of nervous swimmers from BBSC and probably from every club competing that day. Some of the things I heard within the swimmers chats, including my own water baby were …I can’t swim anymore…I am not as fast as I was…I haven’t trained much…my diet hasn’t been that good!


WELL…I very much doubt that is in the conversations today! The swimmers all did so well and it seemed like they were gaining confidence as the day went on. Even for those who didn’t quite get to their PB’s they still swam amazing, showing everyone on the day that they could still take the placings and walk away with medals! And I believe we wiped the floor and claimed the top girls and boys placing x 5! Woohoo!  I did try and grab the winnings for entry fees but I had no hope!


I do hope that Hayden Miller actually calmed down when he got home! I think he was more hyper at the end of the meet than the start!!! WOW! And NO Ali Raven, I will not be dressing up as a shark! no matter how much i love you all!!! 



Well done to all swimmers who took part yesterday. As a parent and BBSC Committee member I was very proud to be a part of BBSC!


I would also like to share the funniest ever quote to a coach I have heard in a while … by Harmonie Fry-Oliff  (she will kill me!!!)


Harmonie to Erica: “You making me do no breathing does actually work!”


Erica to Harmonie: “I don’t just make you do it for fun you know!”


Enjoy the pictures and please send in more if you have any.


Olga Fry-Oliff

BBSC Web Editor

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