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Blog: September 20th by swimmer Ysy Aley


After the manic signing in resulting in many broken highlighters (and possibly broken toes) we found our place on poolside and then warmed up. The first races were the little 6/7/8 year old swimmers swimming the 50 Freestyle, and we all supported and cheered for them as they raced the 2 lengths of the pool.. A massive well done to Vincent Coombes and Joshua Parker, who both received gold medals!

After the few heats of 200 Freestyle, the next event was 50 Butterfly, where all the swimmers did extremely well, especially Ellena who finally managed to get her 50m Butterfly County Time! Sophia Milson also did well, swimming in a heat of what seemed like 15 year olds, and getting a brilliant time- well done both of you!

Whilst cheering for the swimmers, I noticed Erica had been given a chocolate bar that she did not like, so obviously I offered to have it instead... As Erica gave it to me, she said "You better not eat that before you race!" So of course I had two squares before my 50m Backstroke race, but the chocolate paid off as I scraped a little time of of my original PB... 
Afterwards, most of us Braintree girls went to the whipping area to wait for our heats to be called (for the 50m Breaststroke), and we had to improvise in ways to entertain ourselves... which resulted in seeing how many people could fit into one changing room - answer? 10 apparently! Nancy Neave also amused us by zipping her whole swimming onesie up right to the top of her hood, making her look like an oddly shaped shark!


Congratulations to Rosie Henn who received her first ever gold medal in 50m Breaststoke! And to Calum Digby who knocked 3 seconds off his fly time. He had 2 amazing pbs that evening.


Last event of the evening was the 50m Freestyle, where all of us did well, and we were all blown away by Sophie Clerkin's race! I succeeded in knocking off 0.16 off of my time- leaving me a tiny 0.01 outside he county time (there's always a next time!) at about half past nine, the Meet ended, and us swimmers got changed to leave, with the very hopeful thought of a McDonalds for dinner on the way home...



Blog: April 7th at 21.15pm


Mixed emotions today as we begin our last day of swimming on swim camp 2017!! There is clear excitement to go home but evident sadness that no one wants to leave!! Training has been hard this week and it was amazing to see everyone achieving their target distance!! Training being this hard has not just effected the swimmers as it has been revealed to myself and Eleanor that late last night, head coach Erica was shouting "Start, Stop, Start, Stop!!" in her sleep as if she was timing on a stopwatch!!! She's worked hard this week!! We started today a little bit later then normal with some not being able to make breakfast!! The longest lay in ever!! Traditionally the last day of swim camp has always been the hardest, rounding off a hard weeks work! Last year with ex head coach John Lowe was no exception!! Erica raised the bar this year pushing everyone hard past that barrier!! Quick change after training and we were off to the shops... well some of us at least, others used this time to get some extra sleep and prepare for tonight's training session!! Presents were bought and once again I regret to inform... Burger King was eaten!! Once back at the hotel, there were a few hours of relaxation leading into the beginning of our LAST TRAINING SESSION!! Swimmers were excited but nervous about tonight's session. 1000m sets were popular tonight ay Erica!!! 1500m being the highest!! Training was hard but... we all loved it!!! We are pleased to announce that we made the set distance Erica had set out for us all!!! Now all this hard training was over we had our chance to get our own back on HC Erica and AHC Richard... yes we pushed them in the pool... making Richard swim 100m of the 50m pool... we are nasty people ayy!! The last training session was finally over, photos were taken and the last land training session began!!! As some may or may not know we discovered another stretch this week.. the Ben stretch, this involved laying on the floor and... that's it just laying on the floor!! Cheeky twist to tonight's land training as unknown to myself, all of BBSC swimmers had made a plan to do this stretch at the end of tonight's land training. Well done guys you got me!!! We head back from the pool to get ready for HAWAIIAN NIGHT!!!! It was such a brilliant night!! Fun games, funny costumes and friends were made with the other English swimming club who are about to start their week of training!!! It's been such an amazing week and we would both like to say a massive thank you to our head coach Erica and assistant head coach Richard for their hard work!!! Also a massive thank you to our chaperones Steve, Jenny, Dawn and Claire for making this week possible for everyone, thank you so much guys!!! Everyone loved it, great week of swimming, nothing left to say but where to next Steve??? Last post from us two but just a message from all of us swimmers, thank you to the parents for also making this trip possible!! 

Ben Cox and Eleanor Burder




Blog: April 6th at 21.50pm



Eventful day today over here on swim camp. Rolling out of bed, breakfast was eaten, bags were packed and the walk to the pool was made. Such a cloudy morning today, this unfortunately resulted in cold swimmers!!! Swim camp is slowly coming to an end now, however Erica is still pushing hard for those goals!! Shoutout to Richards brilliant land training sessions helping us to push hard to reach these expectations!!! The cold breeze floated over poolside throughout the training session keeping everyone awake, and most importantly in the pool!! Training ended the way it began, cold!!! Quick sprint back to the apartments with a short window of time to get ready. WE WENT TO THE BEACH!!! The perfect weather allowed the perfect opportunity for the beach trip which had to be rescheduled earlier on in the week!! I regret to inform everyone... we just couldn't help ourselves... yes... we went to Burger King!!!! WE HAD TO!!! You can't just walk past these things. A week of full on fitness allowed a quick cheat!! Short stop for food and we made it to the beach!! Safe to say we had a great time!! The entire team organised a game of bulldog take down along with a short game of throw and catch. Erica Johnson "Charles, Cameron and Sam just went for me???". Steve Jacob "Richard charged into me like a steam train and I went flying!!!". Myself and Mia A decided not to play bulldog take down and instead rented a Pedalo to watch the games from a "safe" distance!! We did however get spotted by chaperones and swimmers and it soon turned into who could tip myself and Mia off first!! James Wick "This water is as salty as the chips at the hotel!!". Once we made it back to shore, James Wicks and myself strangely volunteered to be buried in sand??? Throwback to last swim camp perhaps!! Shortly after it was time to go and we made the walk back!! None enjoyed leaving the beach however the journey home was made bearable by Charles, Sam and Cameron N who pretending to be on bikes, cycled down the cycling lane on the paths!! This made not only BBSC swimmers laugh but also amused many locals!! Once again quick change and we were back at the pool. Lots of long distance training tonight which is clearly effecting some. Poppy Summers "Erica... Erica... Erica... How many 100m are in 1000m?? Wait... What.... Why did I just ask that!!!". It good training with other teams at resorts such as this, good for the swimmers but also good for coaches with Erica borrowing a few ideas from the German coach, (the German team that Cameron Newton is obsessed with!!!). The idea she borrowed was backwards IM. In simple terms every stroke in the IM is swam backwards!!! This was an amusing cool down with lots of laughs!! It was dress night for our girls tonight who after training glamoured up and we all made our way down to the restaurant!! After the meal tonight we had the opportunity to play Steve's "Match the fact to the person" game!!! Safe to say the facts were amusing to say the least with Steve knowing all!! Early night from everyone over here for our last day of training tomorrow!! See you all soon!!!


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