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Dear Swimmers and Parents/Guardians

We have a busy couple of months coming up full of galas and open meets. I have recently noticed in the last year or two the change in attitude towards open meets and races. So many positives but there are negatives that come with this.
Positives are the eagerness of swimmers wanting to compete in open meets and galas. great friendships and bonds these swimmers are forming, always encouraging each other to do there best whilst performing and training to the best of their ability.
As a coach this is all I can ask of all of them and to see them do this with a smile.I see so many swimmers who feel under pressure to obtain county times, be the leader in the lane , get the medal . I want all swimmers and parents to know that the happier they are the better they will swim , which will then boost confidence. There are naturally talented swimmers , hard working swimmers, gutsy swimmers, and most important happy in themselves and their ability swimmers.

So to all swimmers out there, give everything a go, do what you can to improve and try to focus on your abilities and not that of others. Everyone can improve as long as the focus is on themselves and not what others are doing. There will always be a difference in squads and abilities but that does not mean you are limited to improving.

Good luck to all and remember hard work pays off whether its now ,next week or next year . Every race is practice for the next one .

The pressure to be the best is sometimes to much, all I can ask of our swimmers is to train your hardest, swim your heart out and enjoy what you do with SMILE

Please feel free to share with your children


New Date for Spring Festival

The new date for our Spring Festival Open Meet is SUNDAY 2ND JULY. Clubs will be notified of the new date asap. Schedule and conditions remain the same. Warm up and session times to follow.

Spring Festival Meet Postponed

We are very sorry to have to tell you that our Spring Open Meet will have to be postponed. The work being undertaken at the pool has been significantly delayed. It was originally due to be handed back on 29th April, but we have now heard that it has already started to run over by nearly 3 weeks. Fusion will not get the keys back from the contractors until Thursday 18th May, which we feel is too close to guarantee that the Open Meet could go ahead.

Therefore we have decided that it is in the best interests of all clubs to advise you now rather than wait any longer to see if the date changes again. This will give you the opportunity to make alternative arrangements if you wish.

We are very sorry about this. Please watch this space as there is the likelihood that we will look to do a meet in June or July and will of course keep you posted and hope to see you all then.

Training Times 27 Feb-1 May

As swimmers and parents will be aware, the main pool at Braintree will be undergoing repair work from 27th February. All parents/carers should have received emails regarding the training timetable for this interim period, where we will be swimming at Witham Leisure Centre. Land Training will take place at Braintree Swimming Centre (the gym and small pools will still be open).

The interim training timetables are available on the Training Times page - click here.

Coaching News

Dear Swimmers and Parents/Guardians

So as we are nearly two weeks into the new year already and all those Christmas chocolates have all but gone, training is back in full swing and Squad 1 had their first land training on Sunday we thought it timely to introduce the new faces that you may have seen poolside coaching and supporting Erica.

Firstly welcome back to Hugo

Hugo is an ex Braintree swimmer who actually held the 25m breast stroke record since 2012 until Charles Rennie beat it just last year! Hugo is now a BBSC poolside helper and is also a qualified swim teacher. He will be helping out across all squads and will be poolside Tuesday and Thursday evenings and occasionally Sunday mornings, Hugo will be at training this Thursday to introduce himself to the juniors.

And secondly Richard

Richard has been poolside now since September and is supporting Erica with the senior squads, he is also an ex Braintree swimmer and was part of the first BBSC relay team to medal at national level swimming the butterfly leg, his children now also swim at the club. His experience will be a great support and as a qualified WAKO kickboxing instructor he will be running the land training for us, you will also see him at Open meets and Galas in the future.

Finally we would like to welcome our latest swimmer poolside helpers, Grace and Ed who have been helping out since December and Ben who has joined this week, Cameron, Joe and Charles will also continue with their support.

Nicky and Terri will also continue with their poolside support.

We have a very busy swimming calendar ahead and wish all our swimmers a very successful 2017

Many Thanks
BBSC Committee and Erica



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