Hydration and Nutrition Tips for Swimmers



Spending the day at an open meet is exhausting for every-one, the hot environment and waiting for your race. The day is made all the more exhausting if you are dehydrated.


As a rule of thumb you lose a litre of water for every hour of activity. Intake should be 1.5 times the amount lost


Recommended water intake for a training session


  • A litre of water prior to training
  • A litre of water during training
  • A litre of water after training


Recommended water intake for an open meet


  • Increase hydration levels in the week leading up to the open meet
  • Drink a litre of water before you arrive
  • Have 2 litres of water on poolside


Symptoms of dehydration


  • Dizziness
  • Muscle Cramps
  • Tiredness
  • Nausea
  • Yellow urine – (urine should be almost colourless)




Poor food choices


Crisps, sweets, chocolate, cakes, muffins and processed food. These foods are empty calories – sugar is inflammatory and reduces immunity high fat foods slow down digestion. Poor food choices will affect performance in the pool.


Good food choices


Choose foods that are easily digested and reduce inflammation in the body after racing.


The night before drink plenty and eat a high protein meal with easily digestable carbs.



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