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BBSC & DASC Christmas Cracker 2018 - 24/25th November 2018

BBSC & DASC invite you to attend and take part in our annual joint open meet on 24/25 November 2018.  It is to be held at Braintree, a 25m, 8 lane pool and the events are:-

50's, 100's & 200's all strokes, 200 & 400 freestyle & 200IM

There will be 5 sessions over the two days.  The schedule and QT's are below, along with the conditions.

On Saturday, please do not enter the building before 12:10. You will not be allowed in.


Signing Times

On Saturday

Session 1 Sign In will be opened from 12:15. Spectators will be allowed in from 12:15.

Session 2 Sign In is planned to commence at 16:30

On Sunday

Session 3 Sign In will be opened from 7:45. Spectators will be allowed in from 8:00.

Session 4 Sign In is planned to commence from 8:30.

Session 5 Sign In is planned to commence from 13:30.


Signing In will be on poolside.


Session Warm Up Times

Session 1 - Starts at 12:45                         Session 2 –Starts at 16:50

Session 3 - Starts at 8:00                Session 4 –Starts at 9:30                Session 5 –14:15

If swimmers are not signed in by the start of Warm Up they will be withdrawn

Your coach can sign you in, call them if you are going to be late.


Bag Rooms

The clubs, below, have been allocated rooms for storing their bags, this is to maximize poolside space. Please encourage your swimmers to use these Storage Rooms, leaving the lockers available for the remaining clubs/swimmers (Lockers require £1 coin), Large bags will not be allowed on poolside.


Braintree        Chelmsford               Dunmow       


If anyone is found in a Bag Room not allocated to their club, we may request that swimmer to leave the event. There will be regular patrols of the changing rooms.



The viewing gallery is normally very warm and is linked to the pool temperature, please dress in light clothing. Please use all available seating, once full, we may have to limit entrance. Drinks will be available in the reception.



It is the swimmers/coaches responsibility to ensure that swimmers are at the Marshalling Area in time for their swims. We shall expect swimmers to be at the Marshalling Area at least 6 heats before their swim.


Code of Conduct for Braintree Swimming Centre

  • No outdoor shoes, jeans or denim to be worn on poolside
  • No breakables on poolside (Glass, Mugs etc) and no hot drinks on poolside.
  • No unauthorised personnel will be allowed on poolside – Coach Passes must be worn.
  • The small pool is closed and is not to be used.
  • No mobile devices are allowed on poolside or in the changing rooms.


Enjoy the day and swim well !

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